Naturally Nappy-Farewell Creamy Addiction

Fro Power

There are times I feel like reverting back to my old ways and going back to you.
You were my addiction, my escape, Hell lets just say you were my overrall easy way out.
When I didnt feel like “Bothering” with the real me I turned to you.
Oh Creamy Crack you always had me coming back.
Eventhough you caused me pain, gave me a few scabs every now and then. I embedded my trust in you. I never thought our affair would come to an end but you just never know what the future has in store. You were fun, easy, RELAXED and Good lookin but I discovered you meant nothing but harm to me.
We parted ways back in

I did pretty fine without you in 2013

So I hope for 2014 I wont speak or think of you at all.

I hope to see you NEVER.


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