Modern families: Losing their grip on reality and family ties.

The essence of kindred spirits is quickly drifting as the millenniums alter and technology continues to invade our universe and consume our minds.
Family moments are only shared when there are vine videos to be shown, pictures to be taken, instagram posts. A couple fb likes and comments here and there.
The essence of family hood is drifting away from us slowly and welcoming a new age of accepted modern isolation.
Its more convenient for us to send a text rather than engage in real conversations, voice to voice or face to face.
Texting delays our urgency, our thoughts, and real reactions. It gives us time to prepare our speeches rather than spit out the words that our minds formulate at the exact moment.
I myself am trapped and consumed by this new universe.
I delay my thoughts, avoid messages, choose selective words careful not to upset or misconstrue my recipient. I have become a fool to the new world and the true meaning of communcation

How Do I say Goodbye?

When you are born, you are led to believe that you are invincible. You are told you are untouchable,can become anything and do anything in life.
However one thing, we are never warned or told about is the inevitability of death.
How suddenly unexected it comes and how much pain it brings with it.
I guess that’s the beauty of life, Just living freely and not worrying about “That Day” and living in constant fear.
So we live our lives day by day not knowledgable nor aware of when our expiration date will appear
One day you are here, the next you disappear into the abyss of time.
All that is left behind are pictures, stories, jokes, and uncountable memories.
I’m glad to have had the chance of basking in your presence and knowing you,
I’m greatful to have grown with you, fuss with you and put up with you,
We fought, played, and teased each other like brother and sister.
I’m sure you lived your life to the fullest and eventhough there were so much more years for you to go, GOD made it so to return you safely home.