(This is a writing piece I composed 9 months ago. Yes, it’s a little dated, but I still felt the need to share my experience of what I saw).

Thursday, January 9th 2014

My visit to the Museum of Modern Arts and Design was something out of the ordinary. I guess it’s due to the fact that I don’t usually choose to visit a Museum as one of my daily activities. The only moments I recall feeling amused by the thought of attending a Museum of any sort was in elementary school and high school. Museums were field trips, which meant: no long school hours, boring teachers, and annoying assignments.

As a NY Native I have never realized how much I can and should take advantage of the numerous free activities and facilities the great big apple has to offer. You would think I’d be knowledgeable, even up to date on all the FREE activities and places.  Unfortunately I’m not.

Well during my winter break, after weeks of lounging around my apartment lazily and inheriting couch potato habits I decided to surf the web for some free activities. I was amazed at the lists of places and days that are free and open to the general public. I browsed web pages excitedly and clicked numerous museum options. Of course I only chose one’s that sparked my interest and the Museum of Modern Arts and Design seemed interesting.

After walking around, going from floor to floor exploring the gallery, I found one particular piece that was disturbing, eerie, strange, frightening, and a little heart stopping. It’s a little unbelievable to even think that one sculpture could conjure so many emotions all at once.

Simonsson’s “Untitled” sculpture had me in awe and I was so curious to find out more.  I carefully analyzed the three white wide- eyed porcelain figures. I silently hoped and thought they would move out of their statuesque pose to ask me why I was staring so hard. This piece was strange but so real!  There were two children, a young boy and girl kneeling with the hands clasped together and a young girl standing before them with a gun behind her back.

It looked as if the children were playing a cruel game of some sort. The two children kneeling before her appeared as if they were begging for their lives. This piece stopped my heart and had me shocked because of how much it resonates with our cruel society. Each and everyday children are bullied, kidnapped, abused, murdered, and raped.  The lack of censorship on social media, vulgar television shows and violent video games are encouraging children to become aggressive.

Simonsson’s “Untitled” piece brought unpleasant images to my mind. I thought of the innocent young children who lost their lives at Sandy hook, mass killing in Columbine, suicide victims, and kids who are bullied and mistreated. Automatically I began seeing the similarities of Rich Tomasello’s “Innocence Lost” exhibit. Although, Tomasello’s work displayed an array (toys, backpacks, and drawings ) of violent influences on children; Simonsson’s  exhibit said it all, in just one sculpture.

God’s Instructional Kit

When the Lord created me, there is no doubt in my mind that he didn’t send me to earth without an instructional kit.

They say we can’t choose the families we are born into. Somehow, The Almighty saw it fit to provide me with both a mother and father, who are more than equip for the tedious task.

I ask, how can two people love and care for me so much?

How do they deal with my constant injuries? attitude? and moods?

My parents, in spite of the imperfections are nonetheless,the perfect  parents for me. I couldn’t imagine myself growing up in anyone else’s arms.

I Thank you for their unconditional love and support.

21st century trend: No child is safe

Are yearly school massacres becoming a common trend in America?
How can a nation that claims to be so great, not take charge and fulfill their duties of trying to protect their people, especially young ones at that. It sickens me to read about these shootings. In 2012 a mass shooting which occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, tore my hear into pieces. Sandy Hook Elementary is the second largest death toll of school shooting in American history. While the infamous Virginia Tech’s death toll was 32 . This is the highest record of deaths in the American educational system. I’m fed up with these weak gun control laws. How is it that the government can spend their time creating irrelevant laws to restrict some of the most pointless things and totally disregard the improvement of safety.
Students shouldn’t have to fear going to school. When I was a young child attending elementary school, I always felt like I was in a safe environment. So what is happening to the American society now? I mean, come on people (Government officials/law makers) would you like it if your child was exposed to this kind of danger. The lack of empathy and compassion exuded in this country is seriously beginning to piss me off. I know you can’t monitor everyone’s actions, but the government has to start implementing changes. Protective laws must be enforced to ensure child saftety.
U.S School shootings chronological order
Columbine High school (04/20/99)
Deming Middle School (11/19/99)
Theo J. Buell elementary (02/29/00)
Lake Worth Community Middle School (05/26/00)
Santana H.S (03/05/01)
Rocori H.S
Red Lake Senior High school,
Campbell county comprehensive h.s
Orange High School (09/30/06)
Virginia tech (04/16/09)
Northern Illinois University (02/14/08)
Univ. of Central Arkansas (10/26/08)
Chardon H.S (02/27/12)
Sandy hook Elementary (12/14/12)
Santa Monica College (06/07/2013)
Arapahoe H.S (12/13/13)
Reynolds H.S (06/10/14)
Maryville Pilchuck H.S (10/24/14)

Info source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/04/19/school-shootings-timeline/7903671

After discovering this horrific information via internet. I can’t believe the numerous school shootings that occurred during my lifetime. Over the span of 15 years,schools have been the killing ground for assassins. And seem to be getting more dangerous each year. You just don’t know what to expect in schools anymore, anyone can be a target. Throughout this 15 year time period, nearly 20 educational facilities (who knows if there are more) have endured emotional suffering. In some schools victims included students, administrators, faculty members, and/or security guards.
According to records a commonality shared among assassins, following these cruel massacres is suicide. There is a small percentage of shooters who were incarcerated because they wind up taking their own lives as well.
How many more mass shootings and deaths of young children have to continue occurring for the government to protect citizens? How many more lives do we have to witness perishing just for YOU to get the point? No parent wants the responsibility of preparing their child’s funeral.  The string of events are killing me and making me feel like no child is safe. Do we really matter ? I constantly hear the cliche, over rated phrase, ” the children are the future.” How can we be the future if you are just allowing us to be easy death targets? And as much as I want to curse in this post, I won’t. I am just tired and infuriated. When I think of my own nephews I fear the possibility of their exposure to such harmful acts. For God’s sake, show some compassion for people other than YOURSELVES or YOUR OWN family. I don’t get it these phony government officials prepare deceitful speeches in efforts to win us over and gain their support. When in reality they do not live up to their word and fulfill any of their promises. So in the end we lose, while they win.

To hell with the “No child left behind” policy. If this killing trend continues, they should re-name that policy “No child is safe.”

I just want that six-pack!

In 2011, When I first entered college I was one of the students who was determined not to become a stereotypical victim of freshman 15. I’ve always been naturally slim, so I didn’t think I would have to worry about additional weight issues. I was 18 and slim,plus I was a pescatarian. I thought I had no worries, Boy was I wrong. I’m not sure if I did gain weight, but it would be impossible not to. No one warned me about the late night snacks, cafeteria buffet, meetings with food, campus events with food.Everywhere I turned there was unhealthy food.I couldn’t resist. My favorite quickly prepared entree was the infamous Ramen noodle soup. Man I loved me some Ramen noodles. Now I gag at the thought of even seeing or smelling that sodium filled, high cholesterol heart attack. I’m bashing it now, but Ramen saved my life more than a few times.  I didn’t gain a significant amount of weight, but I did see changes in my eating patterns and overall health. I don’t think my eating habits had major effects on my weight because I spent most of my time dancing. I guess my crazy eating provided me with just the right amount of energy I needed for dance rehearsals.

When sophomore year came around, I decided to take a new path. I desired to be fit and lean. I no longer wanted to be perceived as the skinny girl (even though I still somewhat am). The thought of having more muscle definition and an athletic build gave me confidence. My friend and I, decided to make a pact and became gym partners. We motivated each other and we were regulars in the on-campus gym facility. I was definitely an amateur to the fitness lifestyle, so I had to take it slow.I learned important key factors, such as staying hydrated, stretching (before and after exercising), and eating healthy meals.  Soon I found myself vigorously working out in my room during leisure times. There were days I even had to force myself to exercise. We all have those lazy days, I still do, but I constantly visually remind myself of the goal I want to reach.

I’m currently still not where I want to be. However, I see much more definition in my arms, legs, back, and booty. My biggest aspiration is to have a beautiful six-pack, but this part of my body refuses to cooperate. Throughout my 2 year journey, my periods of inconsistency have most likely prohibited me from reaching my fitness goals. Wait, before you start judging me, you must understand that as a college student who is not an athlete,it’s a bit difficult to balance daily obligations plus including additional time to exercise. Okay, let me shut-up and stop complaining. I just wish there was more time in the day to complete all of these tasks. Unfortunately, time can not be adjusted just to accommodate to our personal endeavors. My commitment to a fit and healthier lifestyle is all up to me. I do not have a personal trainer or coach to schedule workout/gym hours for me, so guess who has to do it, me! I am my own coach and my own trainer.
For the past year, I’ve made some adjustments to my pescatarian diet. My daily intake consists of consuming more fruits, water, milk, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. When I do snack, I try my best to avoid excessively salty or sweet snacks. I’ve eliminated the number 1 source of extreme weight gain, the famous carbonated drink known as soda. I think I’m gong in the right path, but I still have a long way to go.

Butterfly Effect: Unexpected and unexplained occurrences

Today, I decided to take on the Butterfly effect challenge posted via The Daily Post. I never really understood the meaning of the Butterfly effect neither had I ever really put much thought into it. After reading one of the stories posted by a fellow blogger, I decided to share one of my own personal life experiences. So here it goes:

On August 20, 2014 I received a text from my cousin. She asked me if I was still going to accompany her  on her journey to one of the biggest and highly anticipated moments in her life, the start of College. Of course, I said sure. I knew how much it meant to her to finally go off on her own, after all I was once in her shoes. Back in ’11 when I began my new journey into Independence and adulthood, I was just as eager as she was. I was lucky enough to have my brothers and my mom send me off into the college world. My cousin and I have always been close so I felt honored when she  asked me to join her. Although I wanted to go I felt this strange feeling in the pit of my gut. That night I set my clothes out, comfortable traveling attire, hat, leggings, t-shirt, hoodie, and nikes. During my time as a college student, I’ve become all too familiar with the traveling lifestyle of a college student. I set my alarm for 6 am.

The morning of August 21, 2014, I was woken by my alarm.I checked my phone, I saw I had not  received any text messages from my cousin. However, I still kept my word. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and got dressed. During this process my mother questioned me (as always) and I told her Aliesha (my cousin) asked me to join her on her 6-hour trip to school. My mother wasn’t pleased about this at all. As always, I prepared myself for the lecture and her angered looks. Don’t get it twisted people, my mom loves my cousin. I just think for some strange reason she had a nervous feeling. A mother’s intuition is usually spot on. In my usual efforts to prove her wrong, I assured her i would  be alright. There was no need for her worry, but of course my little  words of encouragement didn’t work. I told her I would call her when we arrived at the campus, hugged her, and left the apartment.

Now my mom’s superstitious feelings began to rub me the wrong way.Although I wanted to go, there was a small feeling in my gut that wasn’t too up for the ride. I wasn’t sure what it was or why I even had such a slight feeling. Maybe it was my intuition. Anyhow, I ignored this strange feeling and just brushed any negative thoughts off. I walked down to Aiiesha’s apartment, which took me less than 5 minutes, since she lives in a 2 block proximity to me. Funny, huh? We live so close to one another.  She packed the rest of the suitcases and her necessities in the car. The driver, Aliesha’s mother’s friend and I introduced our selves. Then shortly after all four of us women began our journey.

I was up for about 2 hours of the ride, but after we made a pit stop for gas. I drank some juice my cousin bought and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in the hospital, where I was surrounded by my family. I remember being woken by the sound of my father’s voice. I was heavily sedated so I was fortunate not to have felt the actual extreme pain I had acquired during the car accident. To me, I felt normal, but by the sight of everyone else’s face I had not looked the way I envisioned or felt. I asked about my cousins and the driver. I was told they were all doing well, but badly injured.

I was the only asleep. Therefore, I have no factual details on what or how this accident occurred,

For weeks, I was bed ridden.  Thankfully, I was able to move my toes. So that meant I was able to walk and possibly still able to DANCE. I had not suffered any trauma to my feet, abdomen, arms or neck. I felt very weak. I believe this was the weakest I had ever felt in my life. I later came to discover I suffered major head and facial injuries. I received facial fractures that damaged the right side of my face. My cheekbone was dislocated. The bones around my eyes and on my forehead had been crushed. This affected my right eye and caused it to be closed. Imagine not being able to see for weeks. It was horrible. You’re probably wondering, what happened to the left side of your face? It was great, a little swollen but nonetheless still perfectly functioning. The only issue I have, is that my left eye is much weaker than my right, Therefore, if my right eye isn’t functioning then my sight will not be at its full potential.

I was devastated but still thankful to be alive. I thanked God and still continue to show my gratitude for him sparing my life until this day. Unfortunately the other driver, who was a man had perished. God bless his soul.

During that low point and difficult time in my life, I realized who is really there for me. I know that I am loved by these people who didn’t hesitate to come to my side. I constantly question why did this happen? what have we done to deserve this? What if I had listened?

The Butterfly effect: Maybe if I had listened to my mom. I would be at Daemen, almost completing my journey as a fourth year college student. I would’ve went back on my word to my cousin, she would’ve been temporarily angry but far long forgiven me for it. Maybe if I had listened to my mom, I would be interning, stressing at school, and living my normal life. I hide myself away from the world, just to avoid glares, disgusting stares, and pitiful questions. I want and need time to heal.  For the past 2 months, i  haven’t had much social interaction with the outside world.

A wise source told me maybe this is your time to rest and just relax from the stress of school. You are always busy and overwhelming yourself at school with academics, clubs, family, and social life. This is your time to just take it easy, School will always be there and there are people supporting you. Throughout my journey on the road to recovery I am learning to do so many things. I have time to do anything. i am learning to re-build my physical strength, improve my vocabulary by reading and writing. I do these activities because I desire to as opposed to an academic obligation. I blog frequently, which is something I’ve always wanted to dedicate myself to. I read the bible. I research topics and ideas I am inquisitive to gain knowledge on. I am learning and teaching my self.

I have to rebuild myself (According to my friend Lonje) for the re-up, the comeback. I am determined to be better than before. Self growth, strength (physical, emotional, mental), self worth, love, less fear, and appreciation.  I will not give up because God and the people I love have not forsaken me. Each day is different but I am still recovering. I have yet to reach my full potential. I am beginning to see this unfortunate event as something positive.

Sex: How important is it to you?

Sex: What does it mean to you?
The term we’re all too familiar with, casual sex: is defined according to dictionary.reference.com as, sexual relations not involving a love relationship; brief encounters or an encounter on one occasion. My personal definition, Casual sex: the act of engaging in non-committed sexual acts with a person of interest or individual whom you possess strong sexual desire for. I am sure there are a handful of other countries with people who are participating in the same act. Seemingly, these individuals do not oppose to it because they obtain the human right to freely express their sexuality. These young people express their sexual liberation in countries which promote and encourage individualism (America.) Inevitably our entire universe continuously evolves, introducing new generation of philosophers, laws, rights, and of course people. Each generation obtains their own beliefs and actions, which differentiates them from others.
In this modern age the topic of sex is openly discussed and shown. There is little to no initiative for censorship. As opposed to generations before us, sex was perceived as a desirable act of two people expressing their love for one another. During those times, if a young man or woman performed sexual acts (God forbid their parents found out) then they would immediately have to consummate their love by marriage. Sex wasn’t a little casual good time. It meant serious business due to all its consequences;sex was expected to be taken seriously. If you look at it from a more religious perspective the bible states that any two people united shall become one flesh (1 Corinthians 6-16). When it comes to sex God declares that both husband and wife possess authority over each other’s bodies (1 Corinthians 7.3-7.4).
Today, acts of sexual causality are prevalent amongst these groups of people: college students, adolescents (High school students), and people in their mid-20s. For some people sex is just entertainment, casual activity or an addiction. It’s less common for people to wait. There are various popular terms used to label strictly intimate relations, such as friends with benefits, fuck buddies, no-strings attached,etc. So far that’s all I’m aware of, but if there are any other terms I’m sure someone will enlighten me soon.
Since casual sex is such a norm, how do virgins deal with it?
The virgin population is the largest community of people who experience daily pressures of sex. I know it gets overwhelming having to listen to the sexual experiences of close friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. For first timers, one night of sexual satisfaction will be an eternal memory. The first time is forever etched in all of our memories. No matter how bad or good the experience was, that is an unforgettable memory. So deciding to lay with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along is not the best option. You have the choice to either go through with it or walk away with your pride, self-esteem and emotional stability intact. Sex isn’t just positions and moans, It’s giving yourself to someone. Furthermore, it is your willingness to be emotionally and physically vulnerable with your partner. I’m not trying to paint some over romanticized vision for Virgins (male or female). Believe me it is not rose petals, dim lights, and soft music. I am just simply trying to say sex is not perfect and the effects it can bring afterwards won’t be either. All I am saying is that waiting or remaining abstinent won’t kill you. The temptation kicks in and it’s definitely happened to me. But if you have morals and possess control then there’s no doubt you’ll be A-Okay, at least for a while. Look at it this way, there is a valuable reason as to why you still have a tight grip on your precious v-card. No matter what age you are, being a virgin isn’t a burden. Neither should you be ashamed. There’s a major difference between being naive and inexperienced. And being a virgin doesn’t necessarily mean you are naive, it just means you are sexually inexperienced. Think of it this way, half the people having sex lack knowledge of what they’re doing. This means you have an upper hand in the education department of sex. Your time for sexual exploration will come, until then continue be you. Who cares if you’re a virgin, sex doesn’t define who you are. Casual sex just complicates situations and causes confusion.
It’s tragic to hear stories of how people lose their virginity. Their unfortunate sexual encounters possibly derive from sexual abuse, rape or pressure from a partner. Even though, victims of such indecent and cruel acts are not to be blamed, you do not want to associate your first time with those horrid recollections.
In some cultures young female virgins are forced to involuntarily revoke their v-card to men they do not desire or know. For their culture it is traditional custom to marry young. If a young woman in such culture dares to defy her tradition, she will be harshly penalized for it. The national freedom and sexual liberation American youth obtain is something that should be cherished and not taken for granted. There’s a multitude of diseases out there, which I’m sure we all want to avoid.

Is everyone trying to outnumber the next person in their amount of sexual partners? On this rate we’re all going, we’ll succeed by having fucked (Excuse my language) the entire world.

Black Identity Crisis in America: How do you identify yourself?

Lately,one of the most controversial topics of discussion that has the black community uneasy is Raven Symone’s undermining of her cultural roots in her televised interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The black community reacted in upheaval by expressing their frustration on various social sites. During the interview  Symone identified herself as being solely an American and not wanting to be labeled as “African-American”. Symone’s preference of being called American, definitely exudes her patriotism, but makes her look (in my opinion) ignorant and unappreciative of her culture. Numerous people of the black community, (Africans,African-Americans,West-Indian, bi-racial,etc.)who had seen or heard by word of mouth, were either  baffled, dumbfounded or you can even say offended. However,the common emotion the black community shares is utter outrage.

It’s sad to know that there was a period where OUR history was disallowed. Black history was not to be mentioned, much less taught. The goal was to assimilate our people and brainwash the minds of African-Americans.It’s heart-aching to know that there was a time in which we didn’t matter, after all the contributions the Black community had done to develop the American nation.

In this circumstance it would seem common, even justifiable for me to join the fellow angered population,but I will not. I believe Raven Symone, just like the large list of “people” (maybe I should call them brown people) who do not want to be categorized as Africans, possess the constitutional right to exercise their freedom of speech. They are allowed to be liberated human beings with their own beliefs, thoughts, and judgement even if “we” (the people who share the same color) disagree.

My personal concern with the black/colored community of America in general, is the need for identification and feeling of belonging. We all know America is a melting pot which is composed of myriad nationalities and cultural backgrounds.However, racial ancestry indeed proves that black/brown people are all direct descendants of Africans. There are so many stereotypes surrounding Africans and I believe that is why there are current “black Americans” who do not wish to identify their selves as African-American. Quite frankly, I perceive their logic as senseless and hypocritical.

  • Why do you not want to be associated with Africans?
  • Is African culture a disgrace to you ?
  • When the word African, precedes American does it make you feel dehumanized or less American?

I just want to say this to all those out there who are Black Americans. The HIStory being taught in American educational systems is not the complete story, it is just a small synopsis of a much larger and in depth novel. So if you think your ancestry begins with slavery and ends with the civil rights movement, then my precious darlings you have so much more to learn.  I say this because I am the product of the American public school system.Each year,since my enrollment in school, teachers taught the same boring, repetitive black history curriculum. The black history lessons became less exciting to me.However, during my junior year of college I took a Black studies course and my horizons were broadened, Although I’d love to list all the things I’ve learned, I will save my readers the agony. Let’s just say the information I acquired within that 4 month course is powerful enough to remain with me for a lifetime.

The point I am making is, if it wasn’t for that course I probably would not want to be categorized as African-American. Then I would be lost, trying to find something to identify myself with.

If you are not African or  a descendant of Africans, then what are you ? who are you?


I cant even lie, but today I broke down again. After sending a picture via text to my Aunt then reading her reaction, I couldn’t fight the overwhelming urge to breakdown. To make matters worse we conversed about my sunken in right eye. I just felt discouraged by the sight of myself in the mirror.
My aunt provided me with great advice and encouraging words, however, the pain resurfaces whenever I gaze upon this unfamiliar reflection.
I constantly browse through my collection of photos.
Everyone’s words are encouraging. I keep hearing you’ll always be beautiful, sexy, gorgeous…
People don’t understand that When you’re the one enduring the pain and waking up to a wounded face, it’s a bit difficult to  perceive those words as truthful.
I have to remain strong and think positively. I refuse to allow this incident to be my downfall.
I cried hysterically to Best in me-Marvin Sapp, We fall Down-Donnie McClurkin. Then calmed myself down to SZA and Mali music.
Music gets me through my problems and clears my mind.
It’s my escape.

Don’t take the easy way out

For all of the females out there with natural hair or going through the transitioning phase. I know how much of a hassle it can be to maintain that mane or even come up with a cute and easy hairdo without spending hours in the mirror.  Days like this, I bet you are tempted to just walk to  a near-by store or beauty parlor and just relax that kinky,curly bad boy.  I sure know I’ve had my days, where I either wanted to chop it all off or just relax it. Then I would think about the evolution of my hair and how far it has come. Also, I think about how much stuff I’ve learned and the skills I’ve developed since I became my own beautician. Not to mention the ton of money my parents and I have been able to save since I amended my creamy crack ways.

Yes, natural hair is a ton of work and some may even say it’s expensive. But , I’m sure you’ve all heard the cliche saying anything you have to work hard for is worth it. So just think of this process as being a lifelong reward for healthy,beautiful hair.

Note-to- self and all Natural hair ladies: “Don’t give up on your hair” After all God never gives his people more than they can bare. I’m well aware somewhat mindful that there is going to be some people who read this and say ” Oh no, not another Black girl who think she’s a natural hair guru”. Because truthfully I’m not a natural hair guru. I’m just a female who has decided to embark on this journey. I’m not following a trend and I’m not sure if this is just one of many hair phases, but so far I am enjoying the ride.

Lately, I’ve been on pinterest, pinning, re-pinning,liking and commenting on numerous posts. I’ve even created a board dedicated to natural hair. Ladies if you ever feel like you can’t think of a cute new hairstyle, then maybe you should join pinterest to get some inspiration.

What kind of hairstyles are there for natural hair ? Well I’m glad you ask! If you ever want to get experimental and try something new then you’ll jump for joy when you see these jaw dropping, eye brow poppin’ options!

Protective styles (Which I’ve tried and highly recommend)

Braids: Always fun and so versatile. This style never gets boring or becomes deemed as old/out of fashion.

  • Classic cornrows
  • Stylish Cornrows
  • Long Jumbo single braids
  • Braided Mohawks

Full head weaves: Usually painful when they’re first installed, but nonetheless gorgeous and can be worn various ways.

  • Side part
  • Middle part
  • Bang- Side Bang-
  •  Short shoulder length Bob

Wigs: If you are into wigs then by all means get a few. Wigs come in handy during the winter season, it’s like a woman’s personal hat.

16.9.14 Face your fears

Each day I look in the mirror,I just want to break down at the very sight of my face. It hurts to see how broken, bruised, and damaged the  right side of my face is.

Today, I did something different, something to uplift my spirit and rid myself of the constant discouraging thoughts that surface my mind.Before, I stepped into the shower, I stood in front of the mirror bare,nothing, but skin and my own reflection.

I had to conquer my biggest fear, looking at my battered face. A face I was not accustomed to gazing upon.

I had to tell myself, assure the physically broken me, I am still beautiful. Even more beautiful than before.

The thought of God granting me a second chance made me feel and know that I am beautiful, scars and all.

I confronted the devil.

I had to let him know, even though I may be temporarily distraught due to my physical appearance, my spirit is in tact and can never be broken.

My work on earth is not done.

Therefore, I can not be conquered.




This tragic incident is only the beginning of my journey…