16.9.14 Face your fears

Each day I look in the mirror,I just want to break down at the very sight of my face. It hurts to see how broken, bruised, and damaged the  right side of my face is.

Today, I did something different, something to uplift my spirit and rid myself of the constant discouraging thoughts that surface my mind.Before, I stepped into the shower, I stood in front of the mirror bare,nothing, but skin and my own reflection.

I had to conquer my biggest fear, looking at my battered face. A face I was not accustomed to gazing upon.

I had to tell myself, assure the physically broken me, I am still beautiful. Even more beautiful than before.

The thought of God granting me a second chance made me feel and know that I am beautiful, scars and all.

I confronted the devil.

I had to let him know, even though I may be temporarily distraught due to my physical appearance, my spirit is in tact and can never be broken.

My work on earth is not done.

Therefore, I can not be conquered.




This tragic incident is only the beginning of my journey…


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