Sex: How important is it to you?

Sex: What does it mean to you?
The term we’re all too familiar with, casual sex: is defined according to as, sexual relations not involving a love relationship; brief encounters or an encounter on one occasion. My personal definition, Casual sex: the act of engaging in non-committed sexual acts with a person of interest or individual whom you possess strong sexual desire for. I am sure there are a handful of other countries with people who are participating in the same act. Seemingly, these individuals do not oppose to it because they obtain the human right to freely express their sexuality. These young people express their sexual liberation in countries which promote and encourage individualism (America.) Inevitably our entire universe continuously evolves, introducing new generation of philosophers, laws, rights, and of course people. Each generation obtains their own beliefs and actions, which differentiates them from others.
In this modern age the topic of sex is openly discussed and shown. There is little to no initiative for censorship. As opposed to generations before us, sex was perceived as a desirable act of two people expressing their love for one another. During those times, if a young man or woman performed sexual acts (God forbid their parents found out) then they would immediately have to consummate their love by marriage. Sex wasn’t a little casual good time. It meant serious business due to all its consequences;sex was expected to be taken seriously. If you look at it from a more religious perspective the bible states that any two people united shall become one flesh (1 Corinthians 6-16). When it comes to sex God declares that both husband and wife possess authority over each other’s bodies (1 Corinthians 7.3-7.4).
Today, acts of sexual causality are prevalent amongst these groups of people: college students, adolescents (High school students), and people in their mid-20s. For some people sex is just entertainment, casual activity or an addiction. It’s less common for people to wait. There are various popular terms used to label strictly intimate relations, such as friends with benefits, fuck buddies, no-strings attached,etc. So far that’s all I’m aware of, but if there are any other terms I’m sure someone will enlighten me soon.
Since casual sex is such a norm, how do virgins deal with it?
The virgin population is the largest community of people who experience daily pressures of sex. I know it gets overwhelming having to listen to the sexual experiences of close friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. For first timers, one night of sexual satisfaction will be an eternal memory. The first time is forever etched in all of our memories. No matter how bad or good the experience was, that is an unforgettable memory. So deciding to lay with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along is not the best option. You have the choice to either go through with it or walk away with your pride, self-esteem and emotional stability intact. Sex isn’t just positions and moans, It’s giving yourself to someone. Furthermore, it is your willingness to be emotionally and physically vulnerable with your partner. I’m not trying to paint some over romanticized vision for Virgins (male or female). Believe me it is not rose petals, dim lights, and soft music. I am just simply trying to say sex is not perfect and the effects it can bring afterwards won’t be either. All I am saying is that waiting or remaining abstinent won’t kill you. The temptation kicks in and it’s definitely happened to me. But if you have morals and possess control then there’s no doubt you’ll be A-Okay, at least for a while. Look at it this way, there is a valuable reason as to why you still have a tight grip on your precious v-card. No matter what age you are, being a virgin isn’t a burden. Neither should you be ashamed. There’s a major difference between being naive and inexperienced. And being a virgin doesn’t necessarily mean you are naive, it just means you are sexually inexperienced. Think of it this way, half the people having sex lack knowledge of what they’re doing. This means you have an upper hand in the education department of sex. Your time for sexual exploration will come, until then continue be you. Who cares if you’re a virgin, sex doesn’t define who you are. Casual sex just complicates situations and causes confusion.
It’s tragic to hear stories of how people lose their virginity. Their unfortunate sexual encounters possibly derive from sexual abuse, rape or pressure from a partner. Even though, victims of such indecent and cruel acts are not to be blamed, you do not want to associate your first time with those horrid recollections.
In some cultures young female virgins are forced to involuntarily revoke their v-card to men they do not desire or know. For their culture it is traditional custom to marry young. If a young woman in such culture dares to defy her tradition, she will be harshly penalized for it. The national freedom and sexual liberation American youth obtain is something that should be cherished and not taken for granted. There’s a multitude of diseases out there, which I’m sure we all want to avoid.

Is everyone trying to outnumber the next person in their amount of sexual partners? On this rate we’re all going, we’ll succeed by having fucked (Excuse my language) the entire world.


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