21st century trend: No child is safe

Are yearly school massacres becoming a common trend in America?
How can a nation that claims to be so great, not take charge and fulfill their duties of trying to protect their people, especially young ones at that. It sickens me to read about these shootings. In 2012 a mass shooting which occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, tore my hear into pieces. Sandy Hook Elementary is the second largest death toll of school shooting in American history. While the infamous Virginia Tech’s death toll was 32 . This is the highest record of deaths in the American educational system. I’m fed up with these weak gun control laws. How is it that the government can spend their time creating irrelevant laws to restrict some of the most pointless things and totally disregard the improvement of safety.
Students shouldn’t have to fear going to school. When I was a young child attending elementary school, I always felt like I was in a safe environment. So what is happening to the American society now? I mean, come on people (Government officials/law makers) would you like it if your child was exposed to this kind of danger. The lack of empathy and compassion exuded in this country is seriously beginning to piss me off. I know you can’t monitor everyone’s actions, but the government has to start implementing changes. Protective laws must be enforced to ensure child saftety.
U.S School shootings chronological order
Columbine High school (04/20/99)
Deming Middle School (11/19/99)
Theo J. Buell elementary (02/29/00)
Lake Worth Community Middle School (05/26/00)
Santana H.S (03/05/01)
Rocori H.S
Red Lake Senior High school,
Campbell county comprehensive h.s
Orange High School (09/30/06)
Virginia tech (04/16/09)
Northern Illinois University (02/14/08)
Univ. of Central Arkansas (10/26/08)
Chardon H.S (02/27/12)
Sandy hook Elementary (12/14/12)
Santa Monica College (06/07/2013)
Arapahoe H.S (12/13/13)
Reynolds H.S (06/10/14)
Maryville Pilchuck H.S (10/24/14)

Info source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/04/19/school-shootings-timeline/7903671

After discovering this horrific information via internet. I can’t believe the numerous school shootings that occurred during my lifetime. Over the span of 15 years,schools have been the killing ground for assassins. And seem to be getting more dangerous each year. You just don’t know what to expect in schools anymore, anyone can be a target. Throughout this 15 year time period, nearly 20 educational facilities (who knows if there are more) have endured emotional suffering. In some schools victims included students, administrators, faculty members, and/or security guards.
According to records a commonality shared among assassins, following these cruel massacres is suicide. There is a small percentage of shooters who were incarcerated because they wind up taking their own lives as well.
How many more mass shootings and deaths of young children have to continue occurring for the government to protect citizens? How many more lives do we have to witness perishing just for YOU to get the point? No parent wants the responsibility of preparing their child’s funeral.  The string of events are killing me and making me feel like no child is safe. Do we really matter ? I constantly hear the cliche, over rated phrase, ” the children are the future.” How can we be the future if you are just allowing us to be easy death targets? And as much as I want to curse in this post, I won’t. I am just tired and infuriated. When I think of my own nephews I fear the possibility of their exposure to such harmful acts. For God’s sake, show some compassion for people other than YOURSELVES or YOUR OWN family. I don’t get it these phony government officials prepare deceitful speeches in efforts to win us over and gain their support. When in reality they do not live up to their word and fulfill any of their promises. So in the end we lose, while they win.

To hell with the “No child left behind” policy. If this killing trend continues, they should re-name that policy “No child is safe.”


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