Do guys even notice me ?

I remember a point and time in my life when I yearned for the attention of boys. And no, I didn’t put myself out there in any shape or form. I simply just found myself doing things differently; like altering my fashion sense by requesting popular designer clothing from my parents (I knew I wouldn’t receive), styling my hair differently, and even hanging out with girls who were well acquainted with boys. My neighborhood was full of attractive boys but the only issue with that was, those boys were all really good friends with my brothers. So you know what that means, the little sister is off limits. In other words there was no hope.
As I matured, I realized it is much better to spectate the show rather than being cast as a character starring in it. I realized that attention seekers are only star celebs who receive temporary shine and admiration. I’d like to think of them as one-hit wonders. The more I saw this, the less I wanted to participant in it. However, I was still curious about being a member and often thought “well, maybe,”what if I join them.” Unfortunately I was never bold enough to be in a guy’s face with the exceptions of my male friends and brothers. I thought it would make me feel better about myself and improve my adolescent confidence. I guess the thought of being in the same vicinity as attractive guys was just comforting and exciting.
One important lesson I’ve learned is that, among all the hype the humble ones are the real stars. Also in spite of who you are, attention will follow you when you least expect it, wherever you go. It’s easier to be you as opposed to trying to be someone else. You can’t please everyone.
I’m beginning to accept the fact that I can’t change myself (looks or personality)for someone else because people are always going to form their own perceptions. The only right way to change is if you are doing it for yourself.
Truthfully, my life experiences, have not only revealed but taught me some of the nasty truths of male lies.
No, I don’t despise the male species, I’ve just learned to be cautious.
Nothing is wrong with being a bit feisty (from time to time) and being friendly won’t hurt either.


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