I lay in the comfort of my Full sized bed, reflecting on the entire day…

running around on campus

from class to class: Women’s studies to World Literarure

sitting in the uncomfortable library chairs and typing my unfinished paper on the germ infested desktop keyboard.

I couldn’t wait to come home…

now here I am


A thousand and one thoughts race through my mind

it felt good to wake up on a Monday after a short, but well needed restful weekend.

it felt good not starting the week cursing the most hated day of the week, Monday.

it felt good embracing it and accomplishing daily tasks while fighting the urge to come home to nap.

now it’s going to feel even better resting my eyes.

I told myself Momdays aren’t so bad after all. It’s good to start anew and make it through the day. 


#positiveMondays #MotivationMondays #Optimism