You’re DTP (Disturbin’ the Peace) headphone rapper!

So once again it’s that time of the month, and no, I’m not hear to share the stressful woes of the female menstrual cycle. I’m referring to my monthly Orthodontist appointments in NYC, that I must say are painfully depleting my bank accounts. For some strange reason I enjoy observing people: detecting emotions through candid body language and facial expressions that inherently give away their mood or attitude. As I rode on the D train, I stood against the door of the train, not particularly by choice, more so by limited seating options. I could’ve either chose to sit between those awkward three seaters and wedge my ass between two complete strangers and let the feeling of clostrophobia consume me or sit at the corner of three seats by the other two passenger seater, which is still pretty uncomfortable because everyone’s knees end up touching.Anyway back to my people watching narrative. I stood by the door, per usual lost in the sea of my own rapidly random thoughts. 

All of a sudden, my thoughts are unexpectedly ruined by one of the usual NYC headphone rappers. His voice wasn’t at an obnoxiously high volume to echo throughout the train, but I can tell from the facial expressions of the two women seated nearby him, they were obviously agitated. The younger girl seated adjacent to him wasn’t reserved or making any attempt to conceal her annoyance for the headphone rapper. While the older woman seated next to him just casually sprung up a light conversation in Spanish. Most likely discussing the headphone rapper. The two women refrained from eye contact, but their solemn expressions and conversation were most likely in regards to him. I stood there watching, not entirely concerned about what exactly it is they’re saying, instead the thought of reserved opinions of opposing cultures came to mind instantly. It’s interesting when people burst into their native tongue, discussing another race that they assume won’t understand. I wonder how often this happens and if their comments are a generalization of an entire racial group rather than just directed towards the individual who is just a representation of a particular racial group. My intentions aren’t to make this a race argument, but once again this observation was just one of the many things I see on a daily basis that spark up a thought which then transforms into a subconscious conversation. I was annoyed by the headphone rapper as well and wanted him to stop, but after all, this is America, Right? People have the right to freedom of expression, even in public settings. I wasn’t sure how long he planned to continue his horrible rapping, but I hoped his stop was coming up, so he could get off. I watched the women continue to speak with each other, amidst the headphone rappers train debut. I wish I could of atleast comprehended the lyrics or knew the song to appreciate his performance. Then, I might have been on his side and not mind his rapping. Now come on, we all have to agree they are some songs that you just can’t hum to yourself, you have to share it with the world irregardless of how horrible your voice might sound.  

This is just one of the random thoughts that go through my head while observing people. As I watched the women prepare to get off at their stop, I thought, I know they’re happy to escape this unwanted performance. The young man, continued without any concern for anyone around him until it was his time for him to depart the train. Once, he was gone the train resumed its silence. Only the screeching and rattling of the tracks were my soundtrack. 


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