No Best Friend Zone

Smiling faces, tight hugs and passionately written captions, hashtagged #Bestie #BestBitch #BFF are just daily reminders of where I fall short in life, a best friend.

I’ve never been a certified loner or the extremely introverted weird kid that creepily sits in the back of the class room friendless. while growing up I always welcomed people and established long-lasting friendships. I was basically a friendship connoisseur.

Now, at the height of my 20s, inching towards my mid 20s. I find my self desperately yearning to hold on to friendships, reconnect/mend old friendships that faded for a number of varying reasons (relocation, disconnection, boy drama or disinterest). I look back at my life thinking, I’ve never had to fight this hard just to maintain or establish any friendships. Then again, “things change, people change, feelings change too” (Haha! Thanks for the line Drake-gotta love that guy). I just seem to take things a little harder now, rather than accepting the changes for what they are.

So, yes! I’m one of the very few people in their 20s who lack a ROD, bestie, best fran-yea, yea all that good stuff. I have people I can definitely call on and vice versa, but even those sed close friends have their own set of best friends. Therefore, I’m left at square one. What if in any event the age old hypothetical question which always seems to trip people up and even ruin friendships comes up: If one of us was drowning who would you save first, me or Yolanda? Now the pressure to choose somebody is on and you know you better make the right choice! I hate ultimatums and this one, no matter how petty and immature it may seem usually provides the purest revelation of how that particular “friend” actually feels about you. I can’t really recall a moment where that actually happened, but I can only imagine what it would feel like to be in that situation. Ultimatums, Especially with friends can either make or break friendships.

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