Imagine Me

She dances like a pro. every move so perfectly captivating and precise, without missing a beat.

Her words are like art etched on to a easel, each word connecting to one another. The words brightly vivid, brought to life with each expressive word.

When she speaks, her voice is commanding, presenting strength in each ‘a’ ‘e’ ‘i’  ‘o’ ‘u’.

Her presence is unable to be missed or forgotten.

She lives without regrets and allows past circumstances to remain in the past, understanding that each mistake is a lesson and not a life-ending mishap.

She admits her wrongs and is control of her emotions.

Her dreams are alive, and undying.  Not lying within her conscious,  tragically awaiting their fatal dis    they become a reality and manifest into her truths.

She is not anxious of the future, instead she is readily prepared to grasp the new challenges and successes thrown in her path.

She is remarkable.

She is unimaginable.

She is here.

She is real.

She is present.

She is who I imagine myself to be. She is the imaginary perception of my imagination I plan to revive from the depth of my past.



via Daily Prompt: Imaginary


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