Friendships never die, unless you want them to

Sitting across the dining table at BBQ’s from two of my middle school best friends (just a small percentage of our larger girl group) made me realize although life changes in ways we sometimes hardly ever imagine or expect them to, certain things remain intact.

I haven’t seen these two beautiful women with the exception of Facebook posts or heard from them for nearly a decade.

Sheesh, I didn’t see that coming.

Now we’re slowly maneuvering towards our mid- 20s (when did this happen), leading actual adult lives we once imagined and talked about in the classrooms and cafeteria of PS/MS.20.

And yet, we didn’t stare awkwardly at one another as if peering into foggy mirrors with unrecognizable faces searching to figure out who we were.

We knew many things changed in our lives other than the obvious physicality of womanhood, but there wasn’t anything we shied away  from or hesitated to share. it was a moment of truth. a moment of revelation. A moment of happiness. A moment of catching up, filling each other in on lost years, which we unintentionally allowed to slip away without regard to quickly grab on to and hold tightly.

Maybe we subconsciously knew no matter how far we go or the number of years that drift by, we’d somehow find a way to reconnect.

I mean, we do live in a digital era, so granted it wouldn’t be too difficult to arrange. The only thing that mattered was how much we actually desired to make it happen.  Who knew a FaceBook post would be the catalyst of our reconnection.

We talked, laughed, and listened to each story shared.

A space free of judgement, criticism and blame.

A space of comfort and love.

I know life throws a number of curve balls our way, causing us to leave certain people in the past, naturally grow distant from others, forget some. Leading  us to Inevitably establish new relationships. Never completely erasing memories of old friendships or completely forgetting them.

They rest peacefully in the smallest, most significant pockets of our conscience. Ready to be  carefully retrieved and revived with descriptive words.

The feeling I felt today wasn’t a feeling of loss for people I left in the past, it was a moment of pure bliss, a moment of me proving myself wrong, admitting that communication is key and occasionally being the initiator doesn’t always lead to a failed attempt.

Sometimes friends are thinking about you just as much as you are thinking of them.

I don’t say this often,

Today was a good day 5/22/17.




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