I just want that six-pack!

In 2011, When I first entered college I was one of the students who was determined not to become a stereotypical victim of freshman 15. I’ve always been naturally slim, so I didn’t think I would have to worry about additional weight issues. I was 18 and slim,plus I was a pescatarian. I thought I had no worries, Boy was I wrong. I’m not sure if I did gain weight, but it would be impossible not to. No one warned me about the late night snacks, cafeteria buffet, meetings with food, campus events with food.Everywhere I turned there was unhealthy food.I couldn’t resist. My favorite quickly prepared entree was the infamous Ramen noodle soup. Man I loved me some Ramen noodles. Now I gag at the thought of even seeing or smelling that sodium filled, high cholesterol heart attack. I’m bashing it now, but Ramen saved my life more than a few times.  I didn’t gain a significant amount of weight, but I did see changes in my eating patterns and overall health. I don’t think my eating habits had major effects on my weight because I spent most of my time dancing. I guess my crazy eating provided me with just the right amount of energy I needed for dance rehearsals.

When sophomore year came around, I decided to take a new path. I desired to be fit and lean. I no longer wanted to be perceived as the skinny girl (even though I still somewhat am). The thought of having more muscle definition and an athletic build gave me confidence. My friend and I, decided to make a pact and became gym partners. We motivated each other and we were regulars in the on-campus gym facility. I was definitely an amateur to the fitness lifestyle, so I had to take it slow.I learned important key factors, such as staying hydrated, stretching (before and after exercising), and eating healthy meals.  Soon I found myself vigorously working out in my room during leisure times. There were days I even had to force myself to exercise. We all have those lazy days, I still do, but I constantly visually remind myself of the goal I want to reach.

I’m currently still not where I want to be. However, I see much more definition in my arms, legs, back, and booty. My biggest aspiration is to have a beautiful six-pack, but this part of my body refuses to cooperate. Throughout my 2 year journey, my periods of inconsistency have most likely prohibited me from reaching my fitness goals. Wait, before you start judging me, you must understand that as a college student who is not an athlete,it’s a bit difficult to balance daily obligations plus including additional time to exercise. Okay, let me shut-up and stop complaining. I just wish there was more time in the day to complete all of these tasks. Unfortunately, time can not be adjusted just to accommodate to our personal endeavors. My commitment to a fit and healthier lifestyle is all up to me. I do not have a personal trainer or coach to schedule workout/gym hours for me, so guess who has to do it, me! I am my own coach and my own trainer.
For the past year, I’ve made some adjustments to my pescatarian diet. My daily intake consists of consuming more fruits, water, milk, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. When I do snack, I try my best to avoid excessively salty or sweet snacks. I’ve eliminated the number 1 source of extreme weight gain, the famous carbonated drink known as soda. I think I’m gong in the right path, but I still have a long way to go.