Angel in Disguise 

I don’t think I’ve ever considered this as possibility, but I’m truly convinced that sometimes God purposely sends real life guardian angels to protect and watch over us. Today, I had one of the most heartfelt and genuine conversations with my cab driver in Buffalo. She’s not my personal chaffeaur or anything, but I can tell you this, whenever I need to get somewhere or I just happen to miss the bus she is always one call away and ready to pick me up. Yea, I know she’s a cab driver and it’s kind of her job to pick up stranded, car less pedestrians, but for some reason our connection stems further than just a cab driver and a customer. As per usual in my daily broke chronicles, I had every intention to catch the bus today, I even left my house 45 minutes earlier than usual (that’s a record for me). You catch my drift though, I was that determined to catch the bus. Anyway, I left a little early to head over to the Postal office to return a package. The package ended up costing me my entire two days of bus fare-$12.00 to be exact, wth, since when did packages cost so much? I didn’t complain though or fuss too much, I handed over my 12 dollar coins to the guy in the postal office, headed outside and immediately called my cab driver. I told her where I was and she informed me she was 5 minutes away, just my luck. When she arrived I got in the car and we started up our conversation. She mentioned to the other passenger and myself that for some reason whenever I call she is coincidentally always close by. The other passenger suggested she’s probably here to watch over me and protect me whenever I need her. I’ve never considered our rapport as possibly being something purposely established. Overtime it just kind of developed. As soon as the passenger said that The cab driver agreed and began to list all of the moments I would call her and she would either be nearby to pick me up or just available. I then thought about those moments as well and realized that whenever I called for a ride, she was there. Maybe this is me over analyzing the situation, but I don’t think things like this happen repeatedly by happenstance or coincidence. I’ve been catching rides with her since last year (2016) and ever since then she’s always made me comfortable and safe. She’s almost like a Buffalo mom figure/Designated driver. Each time I get in that cab she encourages me to pursue my masters, establish my career so I can go out into the world and be financially stable. From a strangers point, someone who has just entered my life, she’s had a huge impact on my life. She sees so much potential in me and I’m appreciative of her advice. Once my journey concludes, I know she’ll be one of the most memorable figures and best memories I have of my time residing in Buffalo. God, sees and knows all that is best for us. He places certain people in our lives to heal us, hurt us, encourage us, love us, dislike us and protect us. After the conversation we held, I’m sure that our rapport and connection is not just by coincidence. Now she’s added to the list of people I can’t afford to disappoint.

Btw, I now owe her $60. It’ll get paid.